Vegas, I call it home


I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing another blog about a local living in Las Vegas for quite some time.  Before we moved here in 1999 I like many thought Vegas was just Casino’s, table games and slot machines.   The stars just felt aligned when an opportunity presented itself to relocate here and we enthusiastically looked at each other and although nervous said “Hell Yeah, why not”!  New opportunities don’t always present themselves so when they do come along think long and hard before you give them away.

I am often blown away with the sheer beauty of Nevada, the mountains, the skies, the animals, the lakes, the sunrises and sunsets, the parks, the vegetation and oh I can’t forget the great weather.   I’m excited to share some of our RV trips in and around Vegas.  So our summers get a little hot, I’d take that over snow any day of the week.  When we want snow Mt. Charleston is only 45 minutes away, piece of cake!  I also love a 24 hour town with so much diversity among its residents.  Vegas has a lot of character and some of its residents are real characters.  This is what I want to write about!

Welcome to Vegas Character…






4 thoughts on “Vegas, I call it home

  1. Katie

    Sandy, I love your new blog! I’m personally eager to read about your new discoveries and recommendations, being a fairly new resident, myself, to Vegas. I also completely agree about how delightful a surprise it is to find out there is so much more to the area than The Strip. I can’t wait to hear more!

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