Willow Beach, AZ (Video)

We recently took a trip out to Willow Beach with some friends and rented canoes for the day.  It sometimes amazes me how close you can get to nature and still be fairly close to Las Vegas.  Willow Beach is about 14 miles past the Hoover Dam and is close enough for a mini day trip vacation.  We rented our canoes right at Willow Beach but  there are multiple tour companies that drop you off by the Hoover Damn and you canoe downstream (roughly 14 miles) and end up at Willow Beach.  We paddled about 2 1/2 miles (enough for us newbies) to check out Emerald Cave (a bit of a let down) but the beach we found nearby was incredible.  The water was a beautiful shade of Emerald Green and so clear.  The water  here never gets above 55 degrees so you must be careful, its frigid but refreshing in the 100+ degree we had on this day.  I hope you enjoy my photos…


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  1. Mom

    Sandy the pictures are incredible, there is so much to see in the United States and most of us will never see it. Thank you so much for sharing with us. These are some of the times when I am so glad you moved out to Nevada.

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