The District at Green Valley Ranch

I  have to say that I was very skeptical when I heard that “The District” was opening up the outdoor restaurant  and store area to thru traffic.  I really thought it would take away from the easy, breeziness of it.  Well, I’m happy to report that the changes ROCK and if it wasn’t over one hundred degrees you would swear your in a cute little town in Southern California.  Be sure to click on the pictures so you can really appreciate the details.


Tables and chairs scattered about, how cute.


Do you think they would notice if I took these and put them on my patio?


Pottery Barn, can I just say I love you?

Pottery Barn, can I just say I love you?


California vibe in Las Vegas, say it isn’t so!


My biggest decision, wine or coffee?

My biggest decision, wine or coffee

And at night, wow, even prettier with the Edison Lights twinkling  down the street, the cooler temperatures, outdoor music and the kids playing in the sprinklers.

Check out The District at Green Valley Ranch and see all the great events, dining and even the free outdoor movies they offer.

2 thoughts on “The District at Green Valley Ranch

  1. Diana

    I love this!!! The pictures are so gorgeous. I didn’t realize that we’re now living in Southern California. Maybe now I can stop pining for it, and wanting to move back. It’s already here!! I feel like one of the characters in the Wizard of Oz. I already have what I always wanted. Thank you, Sandy, for bringing this to my attention. And to think, I only live a few blocks away.

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