Gold Spike, downtown Las Vegas


We found ourselves strolling over to check out the Gold Spike.  I loved the feel of the place as soon as we walked in. The soft lighting, the warm colors, the comfortable furniture and the old fashioned games to play, live music Thursday through Saturdays, what more could you ask for?



Once I got the hang of that whole shuffle board thing, I whopped Dale’s ass.  “Want to play another game, I asked?” This would be fun around my pool I thought.



“Hey, what’s out that door going out back, its all lit up?” Well, cozy patio furniture, fire pits, outdoor heaters, lights on all the trees, an Airstream RV, more games to play and is that an ice skating rink? Although its made of plastic, its a nice touch.  Come on we live in the desert, what do you expect?  Alright, I’m in love with this outdoor oasis!   You know, I kind of  have this thing for twinkling lights.






I look forward to discovering new, cool places in downtown Las Vegas to share.

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