Roos-N-More gets funding (video)

We were so happy to attend the Fundraiser for Roos-N-More  last weekend at Zappos Headquarters in downtown Las Vegas.  Roos was shut down about a month ago by the county for code violations for not having a public restroom facility.  We were talking to the owners at the event and they were saying that having to shut the zoo down was one of the hardest and saddest  days of their lives.  But, looking back it turned out to be a blessing.  All the support, love and people being made aware of what Roos-N-More is all about is so amazing.  They ended up making roughly $150,00.00 during the two day event and Zappos (I love you) kicked in another $100,000.00.   I just love when life throws you lemons and you make lemonade.  Its a story that makes the heart feel good.

So check out Roos-N-More if you love animals and love people who love animals.  Hopefully they will be up and running again soon.



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